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SHJ Vol 5 No 2, 2018                                              Khalil, Status of cardiac care

               new Omdurman Cardiac Center and one in Wad Medani Heart center.  There is presently a total
               of 11 cardiac surgeons in: Ahmed Gasim Center 4, Shaab Center 3, Sudan Heart Center 2 and
               Wad Medani Center 1. In Pediatrics cardiology service, there are 3 interventional cardiologists
               and  one  pediatric  cardiac  surgeon  at  Ahmed  Gasim  Center.  Resource-wise  there  are:  13
               catheterization laboratory  (CL) scattered  as follows  one  at  Al Shaab Hospital, two at  Ahmed
               Gasim, one in Sudan Heart Center, one in Medani and the new CL at Omdurman. Add to this the
               new  Police  Hospital  CL  and  the  private  CL  in  Asia,  Mawada,  alzaytouna,  Risala,  Faisal  and
               Fedail Hospitals. None of the CLs in Shendi, Atbara and Merowe are functioning at the present
               time. There are three government operating rooms and two in private hospitals. Table 1, show
               distribution of CL and operating rooms in Sudan per population.

                                  Cath Labs     Cardiac       Adult        Adult        Pediatric    Pediatric
                                               Operating   Interventional   Cardiac   Interventional   Cardiac
                                                Rooms      Cardiologists   Surgeons   Cardiologists   Surgeon
                Shaab Hospital        1           1^            7            3

                 Ahmed Gasim          2           1             3            4             3             1
                 Sudan Heart          1           1             4            2

                  Omdurman            1                         1
                Cardiac Center
                Ribat University      1

                  Khartoum            6           2             2
                 Private Sector
               WadMedani Heart        1                         1            1

                 Diseases and
                Surgery Center
                    Shendi            1*

                    Atbara            1*
                   Merowe             1*
                     Total            17                       17

               Table 2:  A summary of resources and specialist staff in Sudan
               *not functioning

               ^shared with thoracic surgery

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