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SHJ Vol 5 No 2, 2018                                              Khalil, Status of cardiac care

                    Figure 1: Data from SNMC showing the five countries receiving referred patients.

               The  SNMC  report  for  the  years  2015-2016  shows  a  marked  increase  in  patients  going  for
               treatment  abroad  in  2016  compared  to  2015  (Figure  1).  This  is  also  paralleled  by  significant
               increase  in  money  transferred  in  US  dollars  (Figure  2).  It  would  be  noticed  that  the  foreign
               transfer amounted to more than 16 million US dollars in 2014, and increased to 21 million by
               2015 reaching 23 million dollars in 2016. This is a considerable transfer of hard currency that is
               badly needed domestically to procure instruments and drugs for the treatment of the rest of the
               patients with similar conditions.

               Most of the patients referred by SNMC go to Egypt (56%), while the rest go to India, Jordon,
               Turkey and Russia. Another group of patients arrange their own travel to Egypt and Jordan and
               pay  for  their  treatment  from  their  own  resources.  This  group  constitute  an  additional  hard
               currency  transfer.  It  would  therefore  be  reasonable  to  calculate  that  the  amount  of  foreign
               transfer of money for medical treatment amounts to nearly 40 million US dollar a year.

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