Sudan Heart Journal

Dear reader

I am grateful for the president and members of the executive committee for appointing me as Editor-in-Chief for Sudan Heart Journal which I have accepted appreciatively.

The number of biomedical journals currently being published all over the world are somewhere from 15,000 to 17, which makes the emergence of a new additional journal a most challenging job. The responsibility is enormous as we intend to produce a peer reviewed journal of high scientific standard that contribute positively to medical literature.

I therefore request your unfailing support during the process of publication and as readers. The most demanding part of this job is to get enough peer reviewed articles for at least two future issues in order to keep the journal viable. Building a database of readers, reviewers, distribution and marketing lists pose additional difficulty. However, I am quite confident that with your support and commitment to the journal all these difficulties will be easily resolved.     

Professor Siddiq Ibrahim Khalil FRCP, FESC, FACC